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The brands we work with are thinking ten years from now about what their sustainability will look like, and turning it to a point of difference both for customers and staff.


Wine is famous around the world for taking on the flavour of its soil. It’s called terrior which translates from French literally into soil or land. But this is not unique to wine. Veggies grown in your no-dig allotment taste radically different from packaged veggies shipped in from glasshouses in other countries. Healthy soils and landscapes impart flavour.


Our beef and lamb come from animals grazing fresh pastures of grass, mixed herbal leys and other forages. Green leafy plants rooted in thriving soils and fresh water. In these natural environments, the animals grow at their own pace, and the meat takes on flavours our grandparents would recognise.

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Burgers on a Crate


The founder of a national burger chain came to us with a problem.


They found it difficult to talk to customers about any part of their environmental agenda because they hadn't first addressed the beef used in their 40+ outlets.


By using Grassroots beef they're tackling it head on. They can talk about sourcing with total traceability back to named certified farms. They can point to the good their beef is doing in returning natural landscapes back to health. Sustainability is back on the menu.

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All restaurants and butchers worth their salt understand the scrutiny facing red meat on their menus. Instead of doing nothing, the best come to us and we open the next chapter together.


We work with restaurants and butchers to change how they source their red-meat. We give them access to our network of low carbon, certified Grassroots farms with full field-to-fork traceability. Our customers range from using 600kg to 14,000kg of red meat a week.

If you'd like to find out more about sourcing from Grassroots then we'd love to speak.

Thanks. We'll be in touch.

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