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Forward thinking companies are already taking action to baseline, report and reduce their Scope 3 emissions.

We explain how GRASSROOTS beef is helping them halve their footprint.

Sourcing from the GRASSROOTS supply chain more than halves the carbon footprint of beef, when analysed on deadweight kilograms produced on farm.

Independent analysis by the Farm Carbon Toolkit rates beef from the GRASSROOTS supply chain as 17kg CO2e per kilogram of beef (deadweight basis).

We would expect the emissions to be even lower in a full life-cycle analysis. GRASSROOTS beef is bred from dairy cows, which offers substantial reductions in beef carbon footprint because the cows produce both milk and a beef calf.

The carbon footprint drops to 15.73 kg/CO2e net emissions if sequestration from trees, hedgerows and soil is factored in.

You can download the full report here to dive into the details.

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