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For the farmers. By the farmers. 


We're building a network of regional, farmer-led groups to collaborate on how to scale regenerative agriculture on our farms.

We're on a mission to change landscapes over 8 years by twenty thirty. From the ground up.

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Regional hubs | Led by farmers | Collaborating on what works | In regenerative agriculture | On the ground

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But first, tell me more...

Why regionality?

Farms in each region are defined by where they are. Rainfall. Temperatures. Daylight length. Soil types. Topography. Proximity to urban areas. Regional processing capacity... The list goes on. And it doesn't take long to realise the principles of regenerative farming translate differently on the ground in each region.

There’s already a lot of ‘regenerative research’ out there.

Podcasts and books are great, and understanding lessons from trials in California or Queensland give us inspiration and direction. But they're only half the story. As farmers we need to know how to apply those lessons to our farms, in our climate, and in our context. And we often need the support of our neighbours in one way or another.

Why was Regen8 started?

Regen8 was born to build a platform where farmers in each region can get together and figure out what their next step to in regenerative farming is. Who has tried clovers here in a cereal understory? When is the latest you've grazed oilseed rape without affecting yield? How do you control grass in pasture-cropping? Is there a local market for human pulses?

Not another regen-thing.

Regenerative agriculture has become sexy with all sorts of people who aren't farmers. We think this should be celebrated as it’s better than it not being talked about. However one risk is that these people are often just looking for the commercial opportunity. This can mean safe, collaborative places for farmers to learn are quickly crowded out by better organised, better financed companies.

For the farmers

Regen8 is squarely for the farmers. And it's led by the farmers wanting to collaborate and support each other to make progress at scale and pace. Regen8 is a place to ask questions, admit ambiguity, not know the answer, celebrate the lessons that result from failures, risk getting things wrong. At this stage land-agents, agronomists, consultants and sales-reps need not apply. We love your input but you'll be invited by farmers at the right time.

Powered by Grassroots Farming

This initiative is powered by Grassroots Farming. We are on a mission to change the landscape of UK farming. Our primary focus is creating value-add markets for regenerative farms. And we only work with customers that are willing to embrace regenerative supply-chain ethics. But to achieve our mission we need to approach it from many angles. We see our involvement in Regen8 is to contribute our resources to aid with the co-ordination and roll-out of regional hubs. And in time we hope to be able to support these hubs by bringing them value-add market opportunities. 

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